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ReconPro Classic Back Office

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Add, edit, and delete inspection types
Set a default inspection type
Set inspection status reasons
View audit log of inspection types
Turn on showing claim information
Turn on draft mode for inspection types
Allow creating multiple work orders from inspection
Specify email templates for inspection types
Configure showing default or custom visual damages
Allow creating new inspections from scratch
Configure price transition in inspection type
Assign question form print template to inspection type
Add an inspection visual form with a custom image
Turn on sending inspection pictures attached to an email
Add insurance information form to inspection types
Assign inspection type to work order types
Turn on team sharing for inspection types
Turn on showing inspection services grouped by types
Turn on approving inspections on mobile device
Turn the ability to approve inspections on a service-by-service basis
Prevent editing approved inspections
Specify inspection approval threshold
Adding approved inspection services to repair orders
Configure sending EMS data attached to inspection email
Turn on group approval
Allow inspection supplements
Select email template for inspection supplements
Select print template for inspection supplements
Assign question forms to inspection types
Assign print templates to inspection types
Configure inspection wizard settings
Set up access to the price of inspection services
Configure inspection vehicle info settings
Configure inspection claim info settings
Configure visual inspections
Add services to a visual inspection
Visual Inspections (Setup Guide)