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Set up the BlueDriver integration
Set up the BlueDriver integration
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You can set up the integration with BlueDriver, a diagnostic tool that reads trouble codes for engine light, airbag, transmission, ABS, and other modules of vehicles.

On the ‘Add-ons’ page

  • Turn on the ‘BlueDriver’ feature

  • Click the ‘Settings’ button next to the ‘BlueDriver’ feature

  • Click the link in the ‘BlueDriver’ message

  • Log in to your BlueDriver account

  • Grant RepairOnDemand access to scans

On the ‘Inspection Type’ dialog box in Classic Back Office

  • Turn on the ‘BlueDriver’ checkbox

On the ‘Inspection Wizard’ view in Classic Back Office

  • Set the order of the ‘BlueDriver’ form in the inspection wizard (available if the ‘BlueDriver’ setting is ON for the inspection type)

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