As a client, you need to send an invitation to your vendors to initiate and establish vendor connection with them.

  • Log in to your Back Office application.

  • Click the ‘Add-ons’ menu group of the main menu.

  • On the ‘Add-ons’ page, turn on the ‘Vendor Connect for Client’ feature and wait until the feature status becomes ‘ON’.

  • Click the ‘Vendor Connect’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu group of the main menu.

  • On the ‘Vendors’ tab of the ‘Vendor Connect’ page, click the ‘Send Invitation’ button.

  • In the ‘Vendor Invite’ view, select the appropriate vendor team, enter vendor’s email address (if there is a default email address set for the vendor team, it will be populated automatically, but you still can enter another one), specify the repair location(s) the vendor can work at, and then click the ‘Send Invitation’ button.

The new vendor connection will appear in the list and remain in the ‘Pending’ status until the vendor accepts the invitation.

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