Catalogs (Overview)
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Catalogs help users reduce the number of services because one repair bundle service assigned to a catalog can replace hundreds of services.

You can specify and edit repair operation, price, labor rate and hours, paint rate and hours, and labor type per catalog item on any level.

Note If a setting is specified per parent-level node, the child-level nodes automatically inherit the setting unless you manually update the setting for the child-level nodes.

If the pricing information of services with the ‘Repair Bundle’ price type, such as price, labor rate, labor time, paint rate, paint time, labor type, labor skill, etc. is defined on the catalog level, then the appropriate data is automatically populated and cannot be changed by users in the mobile app.

You can configure default settings that are automatically applied to catalog items without custom settings.

If a catalog item inherits default settings when you select this catalog item, the default settings are populated and cannot be changed.

Tip You can turn on the ‘Show only custom overrides’ option to filter out catalog items with default settings and see only catalog items with custom settings.

If a labor type is selected for a catalog node, when you select a labor skill, you can see only labor skills associated with the selected labor type.

When a labor skill is selected for a catalog node, the associated labor type gets automatically preselected.

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