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As a vendor, you need to accept invitations from your clients to set up the vendor connection with them.

Note After your client sends you the invitation, you receive an email with the invitation code that you need to copy. If the client sent invitation for multiple locations, you would get a separate email for each location.

  • Log in to your Back Office application.

  • Click the ‘Add-ons’ menu group of the main menu.

  • On the ‘Add-ons’ page, turn on the ‘Vendor Connect for Vendor’ feature and wait until the feature status becomes ‘ON’.

  • Click the ‘Vendor Connect’ option in the ‘Settings’ menu group of the main menu.

  • On the ‘Clients’ tab of the ‘Vendor Connect’ page, click the ‘Accept Invitation’ button

  • In the ‘Accept Invitation’ view, enter the code from the ‘Vendor Connect Invitation’ email, and then click ‘Next Step’

  • Enter the appropriate settings and then click ‘Save’

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