Before adjusting the quantity on hand of a parts inventory batch, please make sure that the ‘Edit’ action of the ‘Parts Inventory’ resource is turned on for the role of your user account.

To adjust the quantity on hand

  • On the Parts Inventory Batches page, click Edit next to the appropriate batch.

  • On the ‘Edit Batch’ view, click Adjustment next to the Quantity On Hand field.

Tip You can also click the ‘Quantity On Hand Adjustments’ tab, and then click the ‘Adjustment’ button.

  • On the Add Adjustment view, specify the date of adjustment, the new quantity on hand, and the reason for the adjustment if there is any, and then click Save.

Note On the ‘Quantity On Hand Adjustments’ tab, you can see all the adjustments made for the quantity on hand of the given parts inventory batch.

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