Set up a maintenance schedule
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The maintenance schedule of a service contract type defines the maintenance intervals for all service contracts of the given type. The ‘Miles’ and ‘Months’ intervals define when a service MUST be done, while the ‘Min Miles’ and ‘Min Months’ intervals define when a service CAN be done. For example, the ‘Oil Change’ service must be done each time the vehicle mileage reaches the next 5000 miles, but if a vehicle is already held for an urgent repair, the oil can be changed as soon as the vehicle mileage reaches 4000 miles.

Also, you need to select a type of service requests that will be automatically created when the maintenance time has come.

  • On the ‘Maintenance Schedule’ tab of the ‘Service Contract Type’ view, select a service request type and add maintenance services.

  • Set miles and min. miles and/or months and min. months for each maintenance service

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