Roles Overview
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A role is a set of permissions for actions available within a specific resource, for example, approve an inspection, edit a work order, void an invoice.

Roles are displayed on a specific page that you can open from the main menu if your user account has enough permissions for that.

If you have a long list of roles you can type a keyword or set a filter to find the one that you need.

You can manage the list of roles: add new roles, change the details and permissions for existing roles, and remove the roles that are no longer in use.

Some users work with the web application, others work with the mobile app, and there may be a few that work both in the office and in the field, so you can have specific roles with access to Back Office only, the mobile app only, or both.

If multiple people have access to the role management in your company, you can track the history of changes made to specific roles.

You can assign users to one or more roles to make sure they have access to all necessary data and functionality.

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