Lot Walk

Add and approve multiple inspections on a single screen in a quick and simple way

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Lot Walk is the process of inspecting the cars stored in the dealership’s lot to define whether they need a pre-sale repair. With the 'Lot Walk' feature, the mobile app users can add and approve multiple inspections on a single screen in a quick and simple way.

Step 1: Select settings

When you tap the ‘Lot Walk’ button for the first time, you need to select a customer, an inspection type (if you have more than one), and a sharing type that shows or hides inspections from other users. Once the ‘Lot Walk’ settings are specified, they remain selected for all further lot walks until you deliberately change them.

Step 2: Add inspections

When you start the lot walk, you can add inspections by scanning the VIN or the Stock#. If you scan the VIN the vehicle information will be automatically decoded and you just need to tap ‘Save’. If you scan the Stock#, you will need to select vehicle make, model, and year.

Tip If you cannot scan the VIN or Stock#, you can type it in the appropriate field.

Note You can edit the inspection details by tapping the ‘Ellipses’ button.

Once the inspection is saved, you can tap ‘Add Services’, find and select the appropriate service, make changes if needed, and save it to the inspection.

Once the first service is added, you can tap the ‘More Services’ button, and this way, you can add as many services as you want.

Note You can see all services added to inspections by taping the ‘Expand’ button.

Tip You can tap the ‘Notes’ button next to the appropriate service to add text and image notes.

Step 3: Approve inspections

You can approve and decline inspections one by one, or you can approve or decline all inspections by tapping the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the screen.

If the inspection type allows line approval, you can approve or decline each service within the inspection.

Once you reviewed all inspections that you want, you can tap ‘Save’ and confirm that you want to proceed to approval.

On the ‘Summary’ screen, you can check the inspections one more time, and if everything is correct, you can sign the approval and save it.

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