Start and end time slots have been added for each technician that is assigned to a service request appointment, so now you can split appointment time between multiple technicians.

To split appointment time between multiple technicians

  • On the Appointment screen, select From and To date and time, tap Add in the Technicians section, and then on the Technicians screen, tap the appropriate technicians, and tap Done. 

Note The From time and the To time are the same for all assigned technicians, so you need to change From time or To time appropriately.

  • On the Appointment screen, in the Technicians section, tap the either From time or To time for one of assigned technicians, select the appropriate time and tap Done in the time picker. 

Note You can change the time only within the appointment timeframe. 

  • The same way change time for other technicians so that their time spans do not overlap. 

Note Next to each technician there is also a status that shows whether this technician has accepted the appointment. Technicians that assign themselves to the appointment have the Accepted status by default. 

Tip You can delete assignments until you save the appointment. Assignments of saved appointments can be deleted in the Back Office application only. 

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