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Order repair order parts from suppliers
Order repair order parts from suppliers
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With a punchout, you open the supplier’s website directly from ReconMonitor and search the supplier's online catalog to select items. When you go to check out, you’re brought back to ReconMonitor with the items you chose. You can then submit a requisition, using the items, costs, and details from the supplier’s website.

  • Click the Menu icon, click Operations, and then click Parts Management.

  • Click the appropriate repair order in the list on the left side of the page. 

  • Click the Get Quotes button.

  • In the Order Parts view, click the Get New Quote button next to the appropriate supplier.

Supplier’s website will open in a separate tab, where you can search the parts that you need, add them to cart, and proceed to checkout. After that, you can close this separate tab and return to the original tab. 

  • In the Shopping Cart view, match supplier’s parts with the appropriate repair order parts.  

Note Only repair order parts in the ‘Open’ status are available for matching. The status of matched repair order parts changes to ‘Ordered’ and they disappear from the drop-down list. Unmatched parts will be removed from the shopping cart.

Tip You can delete and restore parts if needed. Deleted parts cannot be matched with repair order parts.

  • Click Order.

Tip In the Notes view, you can see information about ordered parts: part supplier, part name, price, and part manager name. 

If you cannot match and order parts now, you can do that later by clicking the Shopping Cart button with the counter of selected parts. 

If the punchout process has not been finished for some reason, for example, when you accidentally closed the supplier's website, there will be two buttons: ‘Continue Quote’ that lets you start where you left off and ‘Get New Quote’ that lets you start a new punchout process.

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