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Manage repair order parts with labor credits
Manage repair order parts with labor credits
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When you receive a malfunctioned part from the vendor, you may have already spent some labor time before it turns out that the ordered part doesn’t work correctly, so you need to have the vendor pay incurred labor costs. 

When you discussed the labor credit amount with the vendor and the vendor agreed to pay labor costs, you can add the agreed labor credit amount to the part in the repair order. 

  • Click the Menu icon, click Operations, and then click Parts Management.

  • Click the appropriate repair order in the list on the left side of the page. 

  • In the details of the appropriate part, click the Labor Credit field, and then enter the labor credit amount.

When the malfunctioned part is returned to the vendor and you receive a labor credit memo from the vendor, you can add the labor credit memo as a document to the part. Learn how to add a document to repair order parts.

Note The information about the labor credit refund is logged for further reference. Learn how to track the history of changes made to repair order parts. 

You can find repair order parts with labor credits to check whether a labor credit memo is received and added to the part as a document.

  • On the Parts Management page, click the drop-down button in the Search box, and then click Advanced Search

  • In the Advanced Search form, select the Labor Credit checkbox, and then click Search.

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