You can select Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) number for part services added to inspections and work orders.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: MOTOR Integration

To select an OEM number

  • On the Vehicle screen, enter vehicle details (VIN or vehicle’s Make, Model, and Year), and then on the Services screen, tap a service of the Parts price type.

  • On the Service Part screen, save selected part category, subcategory, part name and position, and then on the Details screen, tap the Service Part OEM# field to search OEM numbers.

  • If the search is successful, on the OEM Numbers screen, tap the appropriate OEM number to select it for the part service.

Tip You can click Copy on the right side of the Service Part OEM# field to copy the OEM number to clipboard for further use in other applications.

Note If you don’t enter VIN or vehicle’s Make, Model, and Year on the Vehicle screen, OEM numbers cannot be found.

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