You can turn on automatic assignment of parent service’s vehicle parts to services that are automatically generated based on a particular question answer. 

  • In the Back Office application, on the Company tab, click Question Forms, click the Questions link for the question section, click the Answers link for the question, click the Services link for the answer, and then click Edit for the service. 

  • In the Question Answer Service dialog box, select the Set vehicle parts from parent service check box, and then click OK

Note Question answer service must belong to the same service package as parent service.

Let’s see how it works on device:

  • Tap right arrow next to the service with the given question section, and then on the Details screen, tap the Questions field. 

  • On the Questions screen, tap the appropriate question answer, tap Back, and then on the Details screen, tap the Vehicle Part field.  

  • On the Vehicle Parts screen, select a vehicle part, tap Save, and then on the Details screen, tap Save.

  • Check that after saving the parent service with answered question and assigned vehicle part, the appropriate question answer service has been automatically created and the appropriate vehicle part has been automatically assigned to it.

Note If you don’t assign a vehicle part to the parent service, question answer service will be created without automatically assigned vehicle part. 

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