Filter repair orders with parts
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You can set specific filters in the ‘Advanced Search’ form to find repair orders that include parts.

  • Click the Down arrow in the Search field, and then click Advanced Search.

  • In the Advanced Search form, enter the appropriate filter settings, and then click Search.

You can filter repair orders with parts by the following details:

  • Repair Order Details

    • Has this text

    • Customer

    • Phase

    • Repair Status

    • WO Type

    • WO#

    • Stock#

    • VIN

    • Notes

    • Timeframe

    • ROs without parts

  • Part Details

    • Part#

    • Part Status

    • ETA

    • Ordered From

    • Order Status

    • Parts Manager

    • Core Price

    • Labor Credit

Tip The applied filters are displayed below the ‘Search’ field. If the text is long, you can point to the text to see the popup with the applied filters.

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