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View damages as a list on the Visual screen of inspections
View damages as a list on the Visual screen of inspections
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You can switch from the Vehicle view to the List view on the Visual screen of inspections to manage damages in an efficient manner. 

Note By default the Vehicle view is shown when you swipe to the Visual screen. 

To switch to the List view, on the Visual screen of an inspection, tap the List icon. 

Note In the List view, you cannot add services, you can only edit and delete damages.

To edit a damage, tap the appropriate damage or tap right arrow next to it, and then on the Details screen, make the changes that you want, and tap Save.

To delete a damage, tap the Delete icon next to the appropriate damage, and then tap Delete.

Note You cannot delete required damages, there is no Delete icon next to such damages. 

Tip You can also delete a damage on the Details screen by tapping Remove, and then tapping Yes in the confirmation message.

To switch back to the Vehicle view, tap the Vehicle icon. 

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