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Repair Problems Reporting
Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

During the repair process, you can face various problems that may result in a failure to perform a particular repair service or the whole repair phase. You can report critical problems to indicate that the work cannot be continued until these problems are resolved.

Repair Problems Settings

You can configure repair problems reporting in the ReconPro Back Office application.

Problem Reasons

If some problems occur quite often or there are typical problems you are aware of, you can create a list of problem reasons that you can select from when reporting a problem. 

To create a list of typical problem reasons

  • On the Monitor tab, click Monitor Settings, and then find the list of Problem Reporting Reasons

  • Click Add on the toolbar, and then in the Problem Reason dialog box, enter the appropriate text in the Problem Reason box, and click OK.

Problem Alerts

If you want to get instant notifications of reported problems by email, you can set up automatic sending of email messages once a new problem is reported.

To add a problem alert 

  • On the Miscellaneous tab, click Events, and then click Add on the toolbar.

  • In the Alert dialog box, in the Event box, select the Problem Reported event in the ReconMonitor Events category, enter the name of the alert in the Alert Name box, enter the appropriate conditions, if any, and then click OK.

  • Point to the newly added event in the Email column, click the Edit button, and then make and save the appropriate changes in the message template.

Repair Problems Management

You can search, report, and resolve problems in the ReconMonitor Back Office application.

To search for problem repair orders

  • On the Repair Orders page, click the down arrow in the Search box, select the Has Problems check box, if needed, enter other filter settings, and then click Search.

Note Problem repair orders, phases, and services are highlighted with the Alert icon.

To report a problem 

  • Click the Menu button next to the problem phase or service, and then click Report Problem.

  • Select one of the available problem reasons and/or enter the appropriate problem description, and then click Add.

  • Once the problem is added, the status of the problem phase or service automatically changes to “Problem” and you cannot change it until you resolve the problem. 

Tip You can also report a problem by selecting the Problem status for a phase or a service. 

To resolve a problem

  • Click the Menu button next to the problem phase or service, and then click Resolve Problem.

  • Click Resolve.

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