Conventional Repair
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You can specify that vehicle panels require conventional repair and get the appropriate pricing information for conventional repair services. 

Required Subscription: Conventional Repair Pricing

When you add a price matrix service to an inspection or a work order and select a panel on the Price Matrix screen... can tap the screen header and then tap Conventional Repair option to get conventional repair pricing information for selected panel.


  • If no conventional repair pricing information is available for a selected panel, the appropriate message appears...

...but you can manually specify the price of part service and the time of labor service and paint service.

  • If you don’t specify vehicle make, model, or year, conventional repair pricing information will not be found. 

  • If your mobile device is not connected to the Internet, conventional repair pricing information will not be available. 

You can edit the price of part service and the time of labor service and paint service, but you cannot edit the rate of labor service and paint service. 

If you check the cost of PDR first and then get Conventional Repair pricing, the PDR price remains visible at the bottom of the screen so that you can compare it with conventional repair.

If you decide to use conventional repair, tap Back on the Vehicle Part screen in the Conventional Repair mode, and then tap Save on the Price Matrix screen.

Note Price matrix panels that require conventional repair are marked with a green circle with CR abbreviation.

After saving the price matrix service, it will be added to the inspection or the work order together with the bundle service “Conventional Repair Bundle” that includes the appropriate sub-services.

Note You cannot add or delete services from the Conventional Repair Bundle service, but you can edit existing services.

If an inspection type requires line approval...

...price matrix service and conventional repair bundle service(s) will be available for approval.  

If you approve the price matrix service, the conventional repair bundle services will not be approved automatically, so you can approve, decline or skip them manually. 

If you decline or skip the price matrix service, conventional repair bundle services will be declined or skipped automatically and you cannot change their status manually.

Note You can tap View to generate the printout with conventional repair services.

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