Approve an invoice
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Invoices in the mobile app have a red ‘A’ icon if the Customer Approval Required check box is selected for their type in the Back Office application, or a grey ‘A’ icon if this check box is not selected.

  • On the Home screen, tap Invoices, and then on the Invoices screen, click the ‘A’ icon.

Tip You can also tap the invoice that you want, and then tap Approve.

Note If your employee account is not assigned to the Manager role, you will need to ask your manager to log in.

  • Tap Approve, ask your customer to draw the signature on the Signature screen, and then tap Done

Note The ‘A’ icon next to the approved invoice will disappear. 

Important! If the Always option is selected for Approval Disclaimer Showing Mode setting, then the customer must agree with the approval disclaimer before approving the invoice. 

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