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Create an invoice from multiple work orders
Create an invoice from multiple work orders
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You can create a single invoice from multiple work orders of the same customer.

Important! You can create an invoice in the mobile app if the Invoice From Device check box is selected for the type of the work orders from which the invoice is created.

  • On the Home screen, tap Work Orders, and then on the Work Orders screen, tap the “i” circle on the left of the appropriate work orders. 

Note Once you tap the “i” circle next to the first work order, the work order list will be automatically filtered by the customer of this work order.

Note If any of the work orders requires approval, you cannot invoice it until you tap the “A” circle and get approval from your manager. 

  • On the Work Orders screen, tap the Create Invoice icon at the bottom of the screen, and then on the Invoice Types screen, tap the appropriate invoice type. 

Note The Invoice Types screen appears only if there is more than one invoice type. 

  • On the Info screen, tap Save, and then select the appropriate options to save the invoice as draft or final, and if needed, select the additional options to print and send invoice by email, and then click Save

Note The Save as option is displayed only if the Draft Mode check box is selected for the appropriate work order type. 


  • If a question form is assigned to the invoice type, the number of screens is shown in the upper-right corner of the screen, and you need to swipe left and answer questions on the Questions screen.  

  • You can tap the date field, and then select the date that you want in the Date picker. 

  • You can tap the + icon (green circle) to add more work orders to the invoice. 

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