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Search for repair orders

Find repair orders by keywords or use advanced search

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago
  • Click the Menu icon, click Monitor, and then click Repair Orders.

To search repair orders by number, RO, customer name, or last symbols of VIN

  • On the Repair Orders page, enter the appropriate keyword in the Search box, and then click Search or press the Enter key on the keyboard. 

To use advanced search

  • On the Repair Orders page, click the down-pointing arrow in the Search box, enter search settings, and then click Search

You can search repair orders by the following details:

  • Customer

  • Employee

  • Phase

  • WO#

  • RO#

  • Stock# 

  • VIN

  • Timeframe

  • Repair Status

  • Days in Process

  • Days in Phase

  • Flag

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