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Apply PO/RO payment to invoices
Apply PO/RO payment to invoices
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You can apply PO or RO payment to invoices if the PO/RO check box is selected in Back Office. 

To turn on PO/RO payments

  • On the Company tab, click Company Info, and then on the Company Settings tab, select the PO/RO check box next to Payment Type.

To apply PO/RO payment

  • On the Home screen, tap Invoices, and then on the Invoices screen, tap the appropriate invoice. 

  • Tap Pay, and then tap Pay PO/RO

Note The Pay action is available if the invoice amount is greater than zero.

  • On the Pay PO/RO screen, type the appropriate PO number or RO number, if needed, enter notes, and tap Pay.

Tip You can tap Back (left-pointing arrow in the upper-left corner of the screen) if you don’t want to apply payment or you want to select another payment method. 

Note You can enter not more than 50 characters in the PO#/RO# field, and not more than 256 characters in the Notes field.

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