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With the Quick Actions feature, you can scan VIN or Stock # of a vehicle, find actions available for this vehicle, and then take these actions right away.

For example, if you need to quickly update the status of monitored work order phase or service, create a new inspection from a service request, or update services in existing inspection, you can save your time and skip all the steps you normally take, like finding the appropriate inspection or work order, browsing to the appropriate screen, etc.

  • Tap the Scanner icon in the lower-right corner of the Home screen, and then scan or enter VIN or Stock # of the vehicle.

  • If needed, switch between the VIN mode and the Stock mode depending on which code you have scanned, and then tap Search to see which actions are available for the given vehicle.

  • If you tap the Update phase /service status action, the Order Monitor screen will be shown.

Note Team managers can update status of phases and services assigned to technicians of their team.

  • If you tap the New inspection from service request action, the first screen for creating a new inspection will be shown (the Vehicle screen, if only one inspection type is available; or the Inspection Types screen, if you need to select one of available types). 

  • If you tap the Update services in open inspection action, the Services screen will be shown. 

Tip Besides updating services, you can swipe to other screens of the wizard and continue editing inspection. 

Tip If the code was not properly scanned, on the Quick Actions screen, you can tap the Scanner icon to scan the code again, or tap the field and type the appropriate number.

Important! Letters I, O, and Q are not allowed in VIN, so if you’ve scanned or entered a Stock # code with any of these three letters, and then you switch to the VIN mode, these letters will be removed, but they will appear again if you switch back to the Stock mode.

Note If no vehicle has been found, or no action is available for the found vehicle, the appropriate warning will be shown.

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