Answer inspection questions

Answer inspection questions from the question form assigned to the inspection type

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When you create or edit an inspection which type is assigned to a question form, you can answer the questions from this form on the Questions screen. 

Traffic-light questions

  • Tap one of three answers that correspond to a specific traffic light color. 

Logical questions

  • Tap one of two mutually exclusive answers.

Image questions

  • Tap either Take Picture to take a photo or tap Photo Library to select a picture from the gallery. 

Note You cannot record video or select a video file as an answer to an image question

Single-select questions

  • Tap one of the answers on the list.

Multi-select questions

  • Tap multiple answers one by one.

  • Tap Save.

Text questions

  • Tap Type an Answer, and then type the appropriate answer.

  • Tap Done.

Date questions

  • Tap Select date here, select the appropriate month, day, and year in the Date picker.

  • Tap Save.

Time questions

  • Tap Select time here, select the appropriate time in the Time picker.

  • Tap Save.

Handwriting questions

  • Tap Place Signature or Mark, and draw a signature on the screen.

  • Tap Save.

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