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Add work order notes and photos
Add work order notes and photos

Enter text notes, take and attach pictures to work orders

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  • On the Home screen, tap Work Orders, and then on the Work Orders screen, tap the appropriate work order.

  • Tap Notes.

  • On the Notes screen, tap the Notes box, and then type the text that you want.

Note You can erase text notes by tapping Clear.

  • To add quick notes, tap the Quick Notes section, and then tap the appropriate quick note.

Tip You can see more quick notes by tapping Show More, and then swiping up and down.

  • To add picture notes, tap either Take Picture to take a photo or tap Photo Library to select a picture from the gallery.

  • To view any of the added pictures, tap the picture preview.

Tip To remove the picture from work order notes, tap Remove, and then tap Remove in the confirmation message.

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