Create an inspection

Create a new inspection, enter vehicle details and claim information, specify detected damages and necessary services, etc.

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  • On the Home screen, tap Inspections, and then on the Inspections screen, tap Add.

  • On the Customers screen, tap the appropriate customer. 

Note In the Local mode, you can see customers added on this device, in the Online mode you can see customers added on other devices or in the Back Office application.

Tip If the customer list is long, tap Search to find the customer, and if the customer is not in the list, tap Add to create a new customer.

  • On the Vehicle Info screen, enter vehicle details, and then swipe left.

Tip You can tap the Notes icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to type text and add quick notes... 

...or take pictures of the vehicle and attach them to the inspection. 

  • On the Claim screen, enter claim details, and then swipe left. 

  • On the Visual screen, tap the Services icon, and then tap the appropriate damage type. 

  • Tap the damage that you want, tap the damaged place on the appropriate vehicle panel, and then tap the damage location icon to edit damage service details.

  • On the Details screen, set the appropriate price and quantity, if needed enter service notes, and then tap Save.

Tip You can tap the List icon on the Visual screen to see damages in the list view, which is convenient for editing and deleting damages. 

  • Swipe left to the Interior screen, add damage services the same way as you did on the Exterior screen, and then swipe left again.

  • On the Price Matrix screen, tap the appropriate panel, and then on the Vehicle Part screen, tap the Size field. 

  • On the Size & Severity screen, tap the appropriate size, tap the appropriate severity, and then tap Save.

  • On the Vehicle Part screen, if needed, tap any additional services, and then tap Save.

Tip You can tap the 

 icon to see panels in the vehicle view, which is convenient for adding damages. 

  • Swipe left, tap the Services icon on the Services screen, tap the circle on the left side of the appropriate services to select them, and then tap Add

Tip If you need to set or change service price and quantity, tap the blue arrow on the right side of the appropriate service, on the Details screen, make the changes that you want, and then tap Save.

  • On the Services screen, tap Save.

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