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Learn how to navigate ReconPro mobile app

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ReconPro software is designed to manage the whole reconditioning process from estimating to billing. The product includes client application (mobile app) and web application (Back Office). 

  • Back Office is a kind of website that stores your operational and reporting data in the cloud. 

  • Mobile app is an application that you can use on your iPhone or iPad to manage your service requests, inspections, work orders, and invoices. 

Back Office and Mobile App are synchronized with each other, for example:

  • When you add services in Back Office, they appear in the service list on mobile device. 

  • When you create invoices in mobile app, they are automatically saved to Back Office. 

Information in the mobile app is organized into screens with lists and options. 

  • From the Home screen you can access the list of inspections, work orders, invoices, etc. 

  • If you tap an inspection, a work order, or an invoice in the list, you can access available options.

Note When you create a new inspection or a work order, you need to swipe left and right to move between the “wizard” screens with vehicle info, services, etc. The number of current wizard screen and the total number of wizard screens are shown in the upper-right corner. 

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