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Report an issue from mobile device
Report an issue from mobile device
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Reporting an issue from mobile devise includes two steps:

  • Sending the support case with the issue details from the mobile device to the Back Office application

  • Submitting the support case from the Back Office application to the AMT support system

To report an issue

1. On the Home screen, tap Status, and then on the Status screen, tap Support.

2. On the Support screen, enter the following settings, and then tap Send.

  • Tap the Subject field, and type a meaningful subject for the issue

  • Tap available attachments and make sure that a blue check mark has appeared next to each attachment. Main Database is usually the only attachment and it is very important to attach it to the support case, especially when you have problems with sending data from mobile device to the Back Office application.

  • Tap the Steps to Reproduce field, and type the text that explains in details how to reproduce the issue.

3. The Sending support info to Back Office message will appear and remain on the screen for some time until the Support info successfully sent to Back Office message appears.

4.  Log in to the Back Office application with Administrator user account; on the Company tab, click Support Cases Triage, an then on the Support Cases Triage page, find appropriate case, and click green check mark (Submit Case).

Tip If you don’t have access to the Support Cases Triage page in the Back Office application, ask appropriate person with Administrator user account to submit your case.

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