Send multiple inspections by email
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You can email multiple inspections to clients, client users, client contacts, device contacts, or any other email addresses that you want.

To send multiple inspections by email

  • On the Home screen, tap either My Inspections or Team Inspections, and then tap Select.

  • Tap the appropriate inspections, and then tap Select again.

Tip The green check mark shows which inspections are selected.

  • On the Actions screen, tap Send Email; on the Email screen, make sure that the appropriate email addresses are added, and then tap Send.

Note If there is an email address in the client profile, this email address will be added to the Email screen automatically.


  • Tap Address Book to add an email address from your device contacts.

  • Tap Customers to add an email address from the list of client users.

  • Tap Contacts to add an email address from the list of client contacts.

  • Tap Add to add a custom email address.

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