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With the Lot Walk feature, technicians can get customer approval for multiple inspections in an efficient manner. It is especially useful for technicians that need to get a quick approval for all vehicles estimated at customer’s site during the initial walk.

Important! Lot walk inspections must be created for a wholesale customer, saved as final inspections with the 'New' status, and no work order must be created from such inspections.

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: LotWalk

To set up the Lot Walk feature

  • In the Back Office application, on the Company tab, click Inspection Types, and then click Edit next to inspection types that will be used for creating lot walk inspections.

  • In the Inspection Type dialog box, select the Group Approval check box, and click OK.

Customers can approve the Lot Walk inspections by:

  • Drawing their signature on technician’s mobile device

  • Clicking the link in email to approve inspections on the Walk List page

Get customer approval on mobile device

1. On the Team Inspections screen, tap Search, and then on the Search screen, tap Named.

2. On the Search screen, tap the Lot Walk filter, and then on the Customers screen, tap the appropriate wholesale customer.

Note The Lot Walk filter will not be applied if you don’t select a customer.

3. On the Search screen, tap Save, and then on the Team Inspections screen, tap Select.

4. Tap the appropriate inspections, or tap Select All.

5. Tap Select, and then on the Actions screen, tap Approve.

Tip If you want to clear selection, tap Deselect All.

Note Inspections are selected or unselected on the current page only, so if you want to select or deselect inspections on other pages, you need to tap Next page or Previous page, and then tap Select All or Deselect All on each particular page.

6. On the Inspections screen, tap Approve all, and then tap Yes in the Approve Inspections message.

7. Tap Sign, ask customer to draw the signature on the Signature screen, and then tap Done.

Tip If you want to decline all selected inspections, tap Decline all on the Inspections screen, tap Yes in the Decline Inspections message...

...tap the appropriate reason, tap Done in the reason picker, tap Sign, get the customer’s signature on the Signature screen, and then tap Done.

Get customer approval on the Walk List page

  • Tap any of lot walk inspections, and then click More.

  • Tap Send Approval Link, and then tap Close in the confirmation message.

Important! If customer’s email is not entered in the Email box of the customer profile in the Back Office application, the email with the approval link will not be sent.

  • Customer gets an email with approval link, and clicks the link to open the Walk List page.

  • Customer needs to click the appropriate icons in the last column to approve, decline, or skip particular inspections, then select the I agree with terms and conditions check box, and click Submit.

Tip If all Walk List inspections require the same action, customer can click the Select All Action link in the header of the last column, and then select the appropriate action in the drop down list.

Note If any inspection services are assigned to vehicle panels, customer can click the Panel View button to see the Walk List page that shows amount per panel.

  • Customer can also click the inspection link to approve, decline, or skip particular services

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