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Find inspections by keywords or filter inspections by their details

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At the top of the Inspections page you can see the Search bar that you can use to find inspections by a particular keyword or detail.

Note By default the inspection list is filtered to show inspections created within the last 90 days. 

  • To find inspections by a keyword, enter the appropriate keyword in the Search box, and then press the Enter key or click the Search icon. 

  • To filter inspections by their details, click the down-pointing arrow, enter search settings, and then click Search

You can search inspections by the following details:

  • Customer Name

  • PO#

  • RO#

  • Stock#

  • VIN lets find inspections if your search term includes last symbols (at least one last symbol) of the VIN. The same is true for the free text search in the Search box. 

  • Inspection#

  • Status

  • Timeframe allows selecting a predefined period, for example, last week, month to date, etc. or set a custom period in the From and the To boxes. 

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