View information on vehicle recalls in service requests

Now you can see whether vehicles in service requests have ever been recalled, as well as view detailed information on each recall.

Note The Recall icon is shown for service requests which vehicle has been recalled.

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: Dealer Package - Recall

Important! Recalls are shown for service requests if the Recall Info check box is selected on the General Settings tab of service request type. 

To see vehicle recalls

  • On the Service Requests screen, tap a service request with the Recall icon, and then tap Summary
  • On the Service Request screen, tap the Vehicle section, and then on the Vehicle Info screen, scroll down the screen, and tap Recalls field. 
  • On the Recalls screen, tap a recall which details you want to see. 

Note You can also see recalls by tapping the Recalls field on the Vehicle screen while editing a service request.

Send approval link for Lot Walk inspections by email

Now you can send customers an email with a link that opens the Walk List page and lets them approve, decline, and skip the Lot Walk inspections.  

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: LotWalk

To send Lot Walk inspections approval link

  • On the Team Inspections screen, tap Search; on the Search screen, tap Named, tap the Lot Walk filter, and then on the Customers screen, tap the appropriate customer. 

Important! Customer must have the Wholesale type and email address. 

  • Tap any lot walk inspection, and then click More
  • Tap Send Approval Link, and then tap Close in the confirmation message. 

Note Customer gets an email with approval link, and clicks the link to open the Walk List page. 

Add notes to services in service requests

Now you can add text notes to services while creating and editing service requests.

Note You cannot add notes to parent services, and services with the Bundle or the Price Matrix price type.

  • On the Services screen, tap right arrow next to the appropriate service, and then on the Details screen, tap the Notes field.
  • On the Notes screen, tap the text box, type the text that you want, and then tap Save.

Tip If you want to add a quick note, tap the appropriate note in the list. 

  • On the Details screen, tap Save

Note Services with notes are marked with the Notes icon.

Condition-dependent color of work order status icons

Now when you set the named filter My Vehicles and Services on the Team Work Orders screen… 

...the background color of status icon depends on the following conditions:

  • Magenta means that vehicle is checked-out with Active phase
  • Yellow means that vehicle is checked-out with Completed phase
  • Orange means that phase or service is started
  • Cyan means that multiple phases or services are started
  • Green means that vehicle is not checked-out, and no phases or services are started
  • Red means that vehicle is not checked-out, no phases or services are started, and work order has been billed

iPhone X support

Some design improvements have been made with the iPhone X's new screen size and dimensions in mind.

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