Configure question answers in print template editor

We have added the Question Answers option to print template configurations that use fixed-size template editor, so now you can set up the display of question answers on printouts of inspections, work orders, and invoices. 

Important! Only text answers can be displayed now, so such question types as Image and Handwriting are not supported yet. 

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Print Management
  • Print Package: Custom Editable Template Package

To configure printing question answers 

  • On the Company tab, click Print Template Configurations, and then on the Templates tab, click the appropriate template for inspections, work orders, or invoices.
  • On the Settings tab, click any entity number in the box, click the Preview button, and then click the Edit Template tab.
  • On the Printout Options tab, in the Question Answers section, click the appropriate question section in the Section box. 
  • Drag question tags to the appropriate position on the Edit Template tab, if needed, resize the tags, select the appropriate display format and font size, and then save the changes.

For example, if the background of your print template configuration is a vehicle condition form, you can select the appropriate question section and drag the questions about vehicle and its condition to the appropriate position in the template editor... that question answers can be automatically populated when generating the print preview. 

Select a labor type for labor services

You can select a labor type when adding or editing labor services, so that their labor rates can be adjusted accordingly.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Feature: Labor Services

To select a labor type for a service

  • On the Company tab, click Services, and then on the Active - Labor tab, click Add on the toolbar or Edit next to the appropriate service.
  • In the Service dialog box, click the appropriate type in the Labor Type box, if needed, enter or change other settings, and then click Save

Note The Wholesale Labor Rates and the Retail Labor Rate will be updated based on selected labor type.

To configure labor types

  • On the Company tab, click Company Info, and then on the Company Settings tab, in the Labor Rates section, click the Configure link. 
  • On the Labor Rates Pricing page, enter wholesale and retail rates next to the appropriate labor types, and then click Save

Note Labor types without rates are not shown in the list of labor types in the Service dialog box. 

Parts Ordering report

We have added a new report that shows information about serviced vehicle and ordered parts in the format of a parts ordering form.

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: Parts Ordering - Basic

To generate the Parts Ordering report

  • On the Work Orders page, in the Action column, click Select next to the appropriate work order, and then click Parts Ordering.

Note If the work order is monitored, you can also click the Parts Ordering button in the detail view of the appropriate repair order. 

Improvements in assignment of services to question answers

We have made some enhancements related to question form sections, so now when you click the Services link for a question answer, you can search available services by name and use Money, Labor, and Parts quick filters to search available services by price type. 

Showing parts separately from other repair order services

Parts services are now displayed in a separate list below other services in repair order detail view. 

Note The list of parts has a different set of columns, such as Work Description, Part#, Hours, Part Price, Ordered From, Ordered Date, RCVD (Received). 

Restricting ability to reassign uncompleted services

When you want to switch an employee to another team, you can reassign uncompleted services to another employee from the same team, however, if there are no other employees in the team, this option is disabled, so the only way to switch employee’s team is to mark these services as completed.

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