Assign a single work order type to wholesale clients

For some wholesale clients, you may want to create work orders based on a specific type which is not appropriate for other clients. 

To assign a wholesale client to a single work order type

  • On the Company tab, click Clients, and then click Edit next to the appropriate wholesale client.
  • In the Client dialog box, on the Other tab, select the Use single WO type check box, click the appropriate work order type, and then click OK.

Note If a single work order type is assigned to a wholesale client:

  • The WO types option is not shown when you click the Select button in the Action column next to this client.
  • This client cannot be added on the Assigned Clients page of other work order types. 
  • This client cannot be excluded from this work order type on the Assigned Clients page. 

Tech Commissions By Paid Date and Client Area Report

We have added a new report “Tech Commissions By Paid Date and Client Area” which users with the Administrator role and the Area Administrator role can generate to see technician commissions that were calculated from invoices created for clients within a particular area and paid within a particular period. 

Note If technicians switched teams and worked in different areas, the report shows their commissions both for old and new areas. 

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Tech Commissions By Paid Date and Client Area Report

To generate the report

  • On the Reports tab, click Tech Commissions By Paid Date and Client Area, and then in the Search pane, enter the appropriate filter settings and click Find.

Configure auto-completion of repair order phase after inspection approval

You can enable the Autocomplete Inspection setting that automatically completes a repair order phase when a linked inspection of a particular type is created and approved. 

Note The start date & time and the completion date & time of the phase are populated automatically based on inspection creation date & time and approval date & time respectively. 

To turn on the Autocomplete Inspection setting

  • On the Monitor tab, click Repair Locations, and then click the Phases link for the appropriate repair location.
  • On the Phases page, click Edit next to the appropriate phase. 
  • In the Phase dialog box, select the Autocomplete Inspection check box, and click OK.

Note If the Autocomplete Inspection check box is selected, the Check-Out option and the Start Service Required check box are disabled.

Printing a copy of invoice without amounts

We have added the Print Invoice With and Without Amounts check box to the General section of invoice print template configurations, so now you can turn on printing two copies of invoice: the first invoice with amounts and the second invoice without amounts.

Sorting services by type on invoice printouts

We have added the Sort Services by Service Type check box to the Line Items section of invoice print template configurations, so now you can turn on sorting services by their type on invoice printouts.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Print Management

Improvements in ReconMonitor reports

We have added a new chart that shows average labor hours per vehicle in the Repair Location Statistics report. 

We have also renamed the column "Average Repair Time" into "Cycle Time" that now shows data in days (not hours as it was before) in the following reports: 

  • Cycle Time Trending
  • Repair Cycle Time

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