You can define whether inspections of particular types must be approved  by drawing a signature on mobile device screen.

To make inspection approval required

  • On the Company tab, click Inspection Types.
  • On the Inspection Types page, click Edit next to appropriate type.
  • In the Inspection Type dialog box, select the Approval Required check box, and click OK.

Note If your application is  subscribed to the InspectionLineApproval  feature, when you select the Approval Required check box, the Line Approval  check box appears. If you select the Line Approval check box, device users  will be able to approve, decline, or skip each inspection service before  drawing the approval signature for the whole inspection.

After you update the database on mobile device, a gray round icon with  “A” letter will be shown for inspections of type with selected Approval  Required check box.

Tip You can start approving  an inspection either by tapping the gray round icon with “A” letter on  the left of the appropriate inspection or by tapping the appropriate inspection  and then tapping the Approve action (a green round icon with “A” letter).

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