Repair360 Back Office 4.6.1

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 4.6.1

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Vehicle Cost

On the ‘Repair Order Details’ view, you can now see some additional information on vehicle costs, such as:

  • Purchase Price (can be populated automatically from dealer feed or entered manually)

  • Holding Cost (automatically increases daily based on the ‘holding cost’ setting* for the given repair location)

  • Repair Cost Estimate (total amount of all services and parts added to work order for the moment of its creation)

  • Repair Cost To Date (total amount of all completed services and parts)

  • Cost To Business (total amount of ‘Purchase Price’, ‘Holding Cost’, and ‘Repair Cost To Date’)

Note The ‘Vehicle Cost’ info is available for users with the following global roles by default:

  • Administrator

  • Team Administrator

  • Area Administrator

  • Work Manager

  • Parts manager

Users with custom roles need to turn on the ‘Vehicle Cost’ action for the ‘Repair Orders’ resource.

* You can specify the ‘Holding Cost’ amount per location in Classic Back Office.

Days in Stock and Recon

On the ‘Repair Order Details’ view, you can now see the following information:

  • Days in Repair (how much time has passed since the first in-progress phase has started)

  • Days in Stock (how much time has passed since the work order has been created)

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