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ReconPro mobile app 4.3.7

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 4.3.7 for Android and iOS devices

Written by Allie Ray
Updated over a week ago

Team Skills

In Classic Back Office you can assign an internal or vendor team to one or multiple skills.

In Monitor, when you assign a team to service(s) associated with a specific skill, you can select only teams associated with the same skill as service(s), as well as teams associated with the service(s) directly.

Add services with required vehicle parts in Monitor

Services with required vehicle parts...

...can now be added to repair order and cannot be saved as final until one or multiple vehicle parts are selected.

Start, stop, and complete a service from details view in Monitor

We have added the ‘Start’, ‘Stop’, and ‘Complete’ buttons to the service screen in Monitor so now you can track service completion directly from service details.

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