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Allow creating multiple work orders from inspection

You can create more than one work order from an approved inspection if you select the ‘Allow creating multiple work orders’ checkbox for the appropriate inspections types in Classic Back Office. If you don’t select this checkbox, the ‘Create Work Order’ button will be hidden after a work order is created and until this work order exists.

Select work order type when creating work orders from inspections

When you select one or multiple inspections to create work orders from them, you can see available work order types and select one of them if the inspection types of selected inspections are assigned to more than one work order type.

Change repair operation of repair bundles without catalog

If a service with the ‘Repair Bundle’ price type is not assigned to a catalog, you can change its repair operation on the ‘Info’ screen.

Showing excluded services as crossed out

Inspection or work order services, which amount is excluded from the total amount, are now shown as strikethrough on the ‘Added Services’ and ‘Question Services’ screen so that you can see if a service amount is used in the total calculation or not. For example, when you add a service twice, one of the instances will be crossed out if the service policy is per vehicle, which means that the total amount remains the same regardless of how many times you add this service to an inspection or a work order.

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