ReconPro Classic Back Office 2.26.1

What’s New in ReconPro Classic Back Office version 2.26.1

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Merge services

Users with the ‘Administrator’ role can merge duplicate services.

  • On the bottom toolbar of the ‘Services’ page, click the ‘Merge Services’ button

  • On the ‘Services Merging’ page, select the main service and duplicate service(s), and then click the ‘Merge’ button at the bottom.

Set up various service request types for Coupa Integration

We have improved the ‘Coupa Integration’ settings to support multiple service request types:

  • ‘SR Type’ field in ‘Main Settings’ was renamed to ‘Default SR Type’ (defines a service request type that is used by default)

  • ‘SR Type’ field and column were added to ‘Teams/Locations’ (defines a service request type that is used per specific combination of team, employee, client, and location)

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