Repair360 Back Office 4.3.5

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 4.3.5

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Tech Invoice Activity Report

The ‘Tech Invoice Activity’ report shows technician invoices in completed and/or not completed status.

Required Subscription: TechInvoiceActivityReport

Vehicle History Report

The ‘Vehicle History’ report shows work orders and inspections sorted by date, client, and vehicle.

Required Subscription: VehicleHistoryReport

Completed Vehicle Product Report

The ‘Completed Vehicle Product Report’ report shows your company progress by comparing actual performance to planned performance of your teams.

Required Subscription: CompletedVehicleReport

Assign multiple techs to labor in Parts Management

You can assign multiple technicians to labor services in Parts Management to split the work between them either evenly or unevenly:

  • In the ‘Labor’ section on the ‘Part Details’ view

  • In the ‘Other Labor’ section on the ‘Parts List’ page

  • On the ‘Add New Services’ view

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