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Set up items of repair bundle without catalog

You can specify the default settings for all items of a service with the ’Repair Bundle’ price type if no catalog is assigned to this service.

When you add this repair bundle in the mobile app, its items already have the default pricing and labor information pre-populated, still you can change them if needed.

Add multiple parts within repair bundle

You can now select more than one part when adding a repair bundle, for example, if you replace a bumper you may also need a bumper cover, bumper cover clips, bumper cover brackets, etc.

Select multiple catalog items

You can select multiple catalog items and they will be added as separate services.

Auto-clarification of question services

If a question service of the ‘Repair Bundle’ price type has a preset clarification...

...this service is clarified automatically on creation so you don’t need to clarify it again manually.

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