ReconPro mobile app 4.3.1

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 4.3.1 for Android and iOS devices

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VIN checking

You can turn on VIN checking for service requests, insections (incl. Lot Walk), and work orders.

  • ‘No Check’ means that invalid VINs are allowed, and there will be no warning

  • ‘Warning’ means that there will be a warning but invalid VINs are still allowed

  • ‘Error’ means that there will be a warning, and then an error (when saving a final entity)

Barcode scanner has been improved

We have made some enhancements to the barcode scanner, so now it:

  • Scans inverted barcodes, i.e. barcodes printed using white lines on a black background (standard barcode are black-on-white)

  • Supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that recognizes text within an image which helps to scan VIN more accurately

  • Reads Data Matrix barcodes used for labeling small parts and components (where marking space is limited)

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