ReconPro mobile app 4.2.9

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 4.2.9 for Android and iOS devices

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Show pictures

We have added the ‘Show Pictures’ button to the action menu of service requests, inspections, work orders, and invoices so now, in one tap, you can see all pictures attached at any level.

Note Image notes are not supported in service requests so you can see the 'Show Pictures' button only if there are any answers to the ‘Image’ or ‘Handwriting’ questions from the question forms assigned to the service request type.

Showing repair bundle item prefix in service name

The name of labor and paint services added within a repair bundle now can automatically contain not only the prefix of the repair bundle itself but also the prefix of the appropriate repair bundle item, i.e. repair bundle prefix + repair bundle item prefix + clarification. For example, if you need to repair a front bumper, when you add a repair bundle with the ‘Repair’ prefix and the repair operation includes the labor item with the ‘Labor’ prefix, then the name of the labor service will be displayed as ‘Repair Labor Front Bumper’.

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