Repair360 Back Office 4.3.1

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 4.3.1

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Set zero or negative hours for labor services

When you add labor services to repair orders on in ‘Parts Management’ you can save them with zero hours if you don't know work estimated time yet.

You can also save labor services with negative hours if you need to adjust the price accordingly.

Add links to repair order notes

You can add links to repair order notes in Parts Management so that you can click the links in the notes sections and views to open the appropriate pages on new tabs.

‘Money Order’ payment method

We have added a new payment method called ‘Money Order’ which is almost the same as the ‘Cash’ payment method (for money orders the bank fees are less and the bank account and routing numbers are not disclosed).

You can turn on the ‘Money Order’ payment method on the ‘Company Settings’ page in Classic Back Office.

You can select the ‘Money Order’ payment method and enter the appropriate money order number on the ‘Invoice Payment’ view in Repair360 Back Office.

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