Repair360 Back Office 4.2.8

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 4.2.8

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Set up repair bundle items without catalog

You can specify the default settings for all items of a service with the ’Repair Bundle’ price type if no catalog is assigned to this service.

When you add such a repair bundle to a repair order, its items already have the default pricing and labor information pre-populated.

Auto-creation of part orders on saving matched parts

When users save the changes (ex.: click the ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Approve’ button) in the ‘Shopping Cart’ view on the ‘Parts List’ page, the part orders with the ‘Quote Received’ status are automatically created for matched parts.

Note If users later reset or change the matching, the status of the auto-created part orders automatically changes to ‘Rejected’.

Showing who and when approved the creation of VIN duplicates

When the mobile app users with the ‘Manager’ role approve the creation of VIN duplicates in the mobile app, the Back Office users can see the appropriate records in the ‘Audit Log’ view.

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