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What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 4.2.1 for Android and iOS devices

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Vendor Connect

We have implemented the ‘Vendor Connect’ feature in the ReconPro mobile app, so now vendor technicians can:

  • Tap the ‘Vendor Connect’ menu item on the ‘Home’ screen

  • Select a client location to which they want to connect

  • Search for repair orders by VIN/Stock# or open the list of all available repair orders

  • See repair orders only if there is at least one vendor service in the active phase

  • See only active services i.e. not pending, refused, skipped, completed, etc.

  • Start, stop, complete services and see notes

Note If there is at least one repair order with services assigned to the vendor, there will be a red counter badge on the ‘Vendor Connect’ menu item and customer locations.

Important ‘Service Level Only’ option must be selected for ‘Work Status Tracking’ phase setting

Selecting location for ‘RO Search’ and ‘Inspections’ quick actions

You can now see the current repair location and select another repair location when you use the following quick actions:

  • RO Search

  • Inspections

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