ReconPro mobile app 4.1.4

What’s new in ReconPro mobile app 4.1.4 for Android and iOS devices

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New Features

  • Support for the list view settings

  • Support for guest technicians

Fixed Issues

  • The ‘Notes’ field was not displayed for services added to price matrices

  • An issue with adding notes to service question answers

  • Notes could be added to not started orders

  • An empty screen was displayed when adding a work order to invoice

  • Labor type and skill were not saved for inspection services

Support for the list view settings

Now the list view layout depends on the Mobile App Settings in the Repair360 Back Office application. These settings allow mobile app users to see more or less information on service requests, inspections, work orders, repair orders, and invoices.

Tip Learn how to change mobile app settings.

Support for guest technicians

You can now assign work to guest technicians that help your team from time to time. Guest technicians have the word ‘Guest’ in round brackets next to the technician name, so if needed, you can filter the list of technicians by typing the keyword ‘guest’ in the Search field.

Note You can add guest technicians to your team on the ‘Team Guest Employees’ page in the ReconPro Classic Back Office application.

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