Repair360 Back Office 4.1.2

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 4.1.2

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Change the vendor price of parts inventory batch

You can edit the vendor price of the part inventory batch if the price changed.

Change the parts inventory name

You can edit the name of the parts inventory to correct a mistake or give a more precise name.

Search for warehouses in parts inventory

You can find a warehouse by typing it name (at least 3 characters) on the ‘Parts Inventory’ page.

Parts inventory quantity on order

We have added the ‘Quantity On Order’ column that shows the total quantity of parts in orders.

Improvements for parts inventory batches

We have made the following enhancements on the ‘Batches’ page:

  • The ‘Add Batch’ button has been added

  • The ‘Batch Documents’ popup has been replaced with the ‘Batch Documents’ view

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