Repair360 Back Office 4.1.1

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 4.1.1

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Repair Start Date

You can turn on the ‘Use In-Progress Phase for Start Date’ setting for repair locations so that ‘Repair Start Date’ can be set automatically (instead of ‘Start Date’) when the first repair location phase with type 'In Progress' is started.

You can filter repair orders by ‘Repair Time’ and sort them by ‘Repair Start Date’ from oldest to newest, and vice versa.

Auto-Archive Inspections

You can turn on the ‘Auto-Archive Inspections’ setting for inspection types with the ‘Append to Opened Monitored WO’ order creation mode and specify the period after which inspections will be automatically archived.

Assign print templates per repair location

You can now assign print templates per repair location so that when you print invoices, work orders, inspections, and service requests, you can select a print template available for their repair location.

Show notes and ETA in Parts Activity report

When you generate the ‘Part Activity’ report you can now turn on the ‘Show ETA’ and ‘Show Notes’ settings to display the parts notes and estimated time of arrival, if any.

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