Repair360 Back Office 3.9.9

What’s New in Repair360 Back Office version 3.9.9

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Adjust the quantity on hand for parts inventory batches

You can update the quantity on hand for a parts inventory batch if it does not reflect the reality.

Saving multiple selected parts as separate parts inventory batches

When you order multiple parts and/or supplies from a specific provider, they are saved as separate batches so that you can manage each part inventory batch individually.

Assign area to new customers of service requests

We have added the ‘Area’ field to the ‘Contacts’ view of service requests so that you can assign an area when creating a new customer for a service request.

Note We have also added the ‘Team’ filter to the ‘Service Requests’ page so that you can filter service requests by a specific team, all teams, or no team (the selected option will be used as default when creating or importing service requests)

Add new and check existing part orders documents

When you change the status of part orders to ‘Received’ or ‘RTV Complete’ (and adding the ‘Vendor Invoice’ or ‘Credit Memo’ documents is required), you can check the existing documents and add a new document to part orders without documents.

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